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This Tour leaves every day and takes 4 hours. The only way to see the bird and sea lion colonies is with a boat tour and is worthwile. You’ll see the so-called Candelabra, which is a giant figure etched into the coastal hills, rather like the figures of the Nazca lines. About an hour is spent cruising around the island. You’ll see sea lions on the rocks and swimming around your boat. Although you can get close enough to the wildlife for a good look. Some species, especially the penguins, are a little less visible. These are usually found in the southern part of bay and not on the direct boat route. On your return to the mainland, a minibus will take you back to Pisco in time for lunch, or you can stay in the port (El Chaco) where there are several seafood restaurants.

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Tours to the Peninsula of Paracas leaves every day and takes 2,5 hours. A tour to the peninsula will often include a chance to view a Flamingo colony from land. Near the entrance to the village of Paracas is an obelisk commemorating the landing of the liberator General José de San Martín. In this tour you also visit the museum of Julio C.Tello, famous discoverer of the Paracas culture. Here you will be able to appreciate a lot of mummies of this culture. From a natural lookout point you can also appreciate the famous cathedral, a natural rock in form of a Cathedral. A few hundred meters behind this complex is the Paracas Necropolis, though there’s not much to see, flamingos are often seen in the bay in front of the complex.

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This is a natural oasis on the coastal desert of Peru, just 5 minutes from the city of Ica. This tiny resort village nestles next to a small lagoon surrounded by huge Sand Dunes. The view is pretty; there are graceful palm trees, colourful flowers, attractive buildings and a backdrop of giant dunes. The sand dunes invite hiking and playing. It is possible to rent sand boards and an exciting drive with dune buggies.

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